Daniel Todd

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
Founder and CEO of Influence Mobile

Daniel Todd is the founder and CEO of Influence Mobile. He is credited with creating a corporate culture that repeatedly won Washington CEO’s and the Puget Sound Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” awards.



A Large (But Disconnected) Team Won't Survive Tough Times — But a Close-Knit Team Will. Here's Why.

Close-knit teams are the foundation we have to fall back on when times get tough.


No subestimes el poder de la cultura empresarial. Sigue siendo tan importante como siempre.

La cultura empresarial va más allá de los buenos momentos y las 'happy hours'; es la razón por la que los empleados siguen apareciendo todos los días.


Don't Underestimate the Power of Company Culture. It's Still as Important as Ever.

Company culture goes beyond good times and happy hours — it's the reason employees continue to show up every day.


There's No Denying That Working From Home Affects Your Work Relationships. Here's How to Ensure Everyone Is In Sync.

Remote work may have us spread out across states, countries and time zones, but that doesn't mean we can't get to know each other.


How Flexible Work Will Give Your Business the Biggest Advantage

Flexible work can increase the quality of life for employees while still meeting and exceeding the goals of the company.


Patience Is a Key Leadership Skill — But You Don't Want to Be a Pushover. Here's How to Balance It.

Leaders must find the balance between extending too much patience and too little to create a supportive, productive and safe workplace.

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