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Emily Rella is a news writer at Entrepreneur.com. Previously, she was an editor at Verizon Media. Her coverage spans features, business, lifestyle, tech, entertainment, and lifestyle. She is a 2015 graduate of Boston College and a Ridgefield, CT native. Find her on Twitter at @EmilyKRella.


Business News

The Rats Still Run This City: NYC Is Still Looking for Its 'Rat Czar'

Mayor Eric Adams said in a press conference that the position had not yet been filled.

Business News

OnlyFans Mom Sues School District After Being Banned From Volunteering At Her Childrens' School

Victoria Triece is suing the Orange County, Florida district for allegedly banning her from in-person volunteering opportunities.

Business News

Man Gets Cut In Line at Publix And Ends Up Winning $1 Million On A Lottery Ticket

A Delray Beach, Florida man scored a winning scratch-off ticket this week after he was cut off in line at a ticket machine.

Business News

'These Fees Are Getting Out of Hand': Diner Claims She Was Charged 5% Fee At Restaurant to Support Employee Health Care

One diner in Southern California was surprised to see a charge on her bill this month that she hadn't seen before — a 5% "employee health fee."

Business News

These 'Upscale' Walmarts Are Offering In-Store Custom Hair Care Services

A TikToker in Arkansas is showing off the new technology that Walmart has implemented in 2,500 locations across the country.

Business News

A&W Root Beer Hysterically Trolls M&M's Over Mascot Retirement

The company poked fun at M&M's decision to retire its "spokescandies" on Monday.

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