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John Rampton is an entrepreneur, investor and startup enthusiast. He is the founder of the calendar productivity tool Calendar.



?Por qué la gratitud hace que los líderes sean más efectivos?

Aquí hay nueve maneras de mostrar tu gratitud genuina todos los días.


Why Gratitude Makes Leaders More Effective

Here are nine effective ways to show your genuine gratitude on a daily basis.


La procrastinación no la ocasiona la flojera. Utiliza este marco mental para concentrarte y ser más productivo

A diferencia de lo que mucha gente piensa, la procrastinación no se debe al cansancio; es un indicio de problemas más profundos.


Procrastination Isn't Caused By Laziness. Use This Mind Framework to Help You Concentrate and Get Productive.

Unlike what many people think, procrastination is not caused by being tired — it's a sign of deeper problems.

Health & Wellness

Here Are the First 5 Things I Would Do if I Were Offered a 4-Day Workweek to Maximize Productivity (And Make A Little More Money)

Using a 4-day workweek, I plan ahead, learn new skills, network, and volunteer to maximize my productivity. And even make a little extra money.


I Meet With More Than 1,000 People Every Month. Here Are 5 Ways I Can Tell Immediately If I Want To Partner With Them.

Here's how I learned to quickly recognize the personal qualities that make for a successful business partnership.

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