Jefferies CEO Shares 15 Pieces of Advice He Wishes He Knew as a Summer Intern on Wall Street Interns at Jefferies embark on a 10-week program with a pro-rated salary of $110,000 for the internship period.

By Sam Silverman

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Entrance to Jefferies LLC, a global investment bank and institutional securities firm, at its midtown Manhattan headquarters.

The CEO of investment banking firm Jefferies is sharing his wisdom on social media for the bright-eyed summer interns working on Wall Street.

Jefferies, which reported total net revenues of $1.28 billion, according to its end-of-first-quarter March 2023 financial report, is set to host its latest class of interns in a 10-week program with a pro-rated salary of $110,000 for the internship period, according to a job posting on its website.

CEO Rich Handler, who has been at the helm of the 60-year-old company for 22 years, took to social media to offer advice to the new batch of workers on Wall Street. Here are 15 pieces of advice he says he "wish[es] I was given when I first started."

1. Don't be afraid that "your questions will be perceived as weakness."

ImageRich Handler Twitter

2. "The best interns will always be the ones without the sharp elbows, that connive to make themselves look good at the expense of others."

ImageRich Handler Twitter

3. "You may have to ask others to get the answers you need."

ImageRich Handler Twitter

4. "Don't be intimidated by anyone at the company as we are all real people doing the best we can on a daily basis."


Rich Handler Twitter

5. "There are no stupid [questions], but be mindful of what is going on when you ask."


Rich Handler Twitter

6. "Always check your work before submitting it. Maybe check it twice."

ImageRich Handler Twitter

7. "Learn something about all other areas of the firm."

ImageRich Handler Twitter

8. "It's all about the attitude."

ImageRich Handler Twitter

9. "You are now in the real world."

ImageRich Handler Twitter

10. "Take ownership of your mental and physical health and speak up if you need help."

ImageRich Handler Twitter

11. "Clients are our lifeblood."

ImageRich Handler Twitter

12. "There are many reasons why a match might not be made, and it is not a reflection on your career potential."

ImageRich Handler Twitter

13. "Your most precious asset you have today and throughout your life is your reputation."

ImageRich Handler Twitter

14. "This is not college. You are an adult and we will treat you like one."

ImageRich Handler Twitter

15. "Those of you who feel you are competing with each other versus learning from each other will lose."

ImageRich Handler Twitter

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