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3 Important Lessons I've Learned Working With the Top 1% of Business Leaders

Fewer than 1% of businesses earn $10 million in annual revenue. It's worth looking at three things I've learned by working with those business leaders.

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How Code-Switching Hurts People of Color in the Workplace

When someone feels as though they can't be their real self at work, how they be productive in the long-term?

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Artificial Intelligence Can Be Racist, Sexist and Creepy. Here Are 5 Ways You Can Counter This In Your Enterprise.

Today's entrepreneurs and innovators are exploring ways to use artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance efficiency, productivity, and customer service, but is this technology truly an advancement or does it introduce new complications by amplifying existing cultural biases, like sexism and racism??

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The Magic That Happens When You Ask Yourself "Why Not?"

Owner of Starbright Floral Design in NYC, Nic Faitos, shares his secrets to success that helped his small flower shop become the premier florist in the city that never sleeps.

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Why Investors With an Entrepreneurial Past Are Crucial to Startup Success

When we hear an investor saying, "Think like a startup," what does it mean?

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7 Lessons CEOs and Hiring Managers Learned from Exit Interviews

These learnings from attrition can help you build a stronger company, plus a simple format for a stay interview

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Lawrence Longo of Off the Menu on the Secret to Business Partnerships

Longo discusses his unique dining concept created out of providing access to food items that are not on the menu at popular restaurants.

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What Are Summer Office Hours and Should You Take Part of Them? Here's Why And Why Not.

Summer hours are a great way to give time back to your employees, however, there are pros and cons.


Why Data Privacy is The Key to Building Consumer Trust in Marketing

Maintaining customer data privacy is paramount for all digital marketers. Customers are vigilant about their data due to increasing data breaches, and any recklessness with customer information can be the first and final nail in your business's coffin.


5 Ways HR Can Drive Success In Today's Turbulent Times

Practical suggestions on how HR teams can adapt to help their companies succeed in an era of AI, uneasy economic conditions and limited budgets

Employee Experience & Recruiting

Why Three Days of Bereavement Leave is Not Enough

It's time to rethink bereavement leave and the way that we deal with loss in the workplace.


Why Creating a Culture of Feedback is Vital to Business Survival

Startups operate in a constantly evolving environment where adapting and improving are essential. Feedback is an important tool for startups to achieve this. It helps increase productivity, improve decision-making and create stronger teams in a fast-paced environment.


The Rise of Click and Mortar — Why Online Businesses Should Consider Opening a Physical Store

Online native sellers are tapping into omnichannel experiences with pop-ups and brick-and-mortar stores. Should you?

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Gen Z Is Seriously Misunderstood — Here are 3 Secrets Young CEOs Employ to Disrupt Industries

Gen Z faces a lot of stereotypes, but youth culture is an important part of the economy. Young leaders are here, whether you like it or not.