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'That Was Ridiculous!' See What Left One Investor Exasperated on the New Episode of 'Elevator Pitch' Learn the words that no investor wants to hear on the latest episode of "Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch."

By Entrepreneur Staff

Key Takeaways

  • Investors want to put their money into great projects. Give them all the reasons they need to believe in you.
  • Show your passion! Investors want to see that you can fight through adversity.
  • Practice, practice, practice — you'll be happy you can do your pitch in your sleep when the lights and nerves hit.

This season on Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch, we've witnessed a steady stream of contestants who dream of making it to the top floor. All they need to do? Nail their 60-second pitch. We've seen countless entrepreneurs earn the chance to enter the boardroom with the chance to seal a life-changing deal or win cash prizes from Amazon to get their business to the next level. Some walk out victorious; some must pick themselves up to fight another day.

In this episode, a new group shows up to try their luck in the elevator. Will they succeed in reaching new heights at the press of a button? Or will they freeze up at the moment of truth? Watch and see what happens on an all-new episode!

Some key learning moments from our board of investors:

"This show is called Elevator Pitch. You have 60 seconds to prove that you have a viable business that we want to invest in. You need to nail that pitch!" — Kim Perell

"You should tell us what your product does, but what you really need to do is tell investors why they should care." — Marc Randolph

"I need to see passion — you're going to need it when you face adversity in your business." — Logan Stout

Check out the new episode above to see who (if anyone) wins big, and be sure to watch last week's episode here.

Season 10, Episode 5 Board of Investors

  • Marc Randolph, co-founder and first CEO of Netflix, master of scaling
  • Kim Perell, CEO of 100.co, serial entrepreneur and investor
  • Logan Stout, serial entrepreneur, best-selling author

Season 10, Episode 5 Entrepreneurs

  • Abraham Kamarck, founder of True Made Foods, which makes healthful, low-sugar condiments.
  • Kyle Hill, founder of Brave, a software company that blocks trackers and ads to protect your privacy.
  • Steven Nemeroff, founder of Flosom, a supplement that supports urinary health.

How to Watch

Amazon Business presents season 10 of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch with support from State Farm. New episodes stream on Wednesdays on Entrepreneur.com. Follow Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch on Facebook, YouTube and IGTV.

Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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'That Was Ridiculous!' See What Left One Investor Exasperated on the New Episode of 'Elevator Pitch'

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