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The digital age of marketing is saturated with ineffectual marketing asking for your attention and failing to make an impact. Follow these effective public relations hacks to stand out from the crowd.

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A good PR agency will help you with all aspects of your business. They can help you with your media presence, brand awareness and your ability to connect with your target audience before they start shopping around for options.

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Whether you're creating a new company or refreshing a business, make it a practice to assess your company's core values and traditions.

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Clay Dover of Velvet Taco on Building Brand Loyalty with LTOs

Interview with Velvet Taco CEO Clay Dover about the success and strategies of limited time offers (LTOs), building customer rapport, and the promise to always try new things.

How to Understand Corporate Branding vs. Personal Branding for Success

Forward-thinking brands do best by embracing the connection between both brands and by fostering positive, open communications between brands and employees. After all, each employee is a brand ambassador.

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Big changes are everywhere. Is it time for you to tackle a big change of your own?

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