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Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard's Family 'Stranded' at Boston Airport During 9-Hour Delay: 'We Made Quite a Home Here'

The actors spent $600 on pillows and blankets while waiting for their flight.

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United Airlines CEO Apologizes for Private Jet Use Amid Weather Disruptions and Flight Delays

United's recovery from the weather challenges has been slower than other airlines, with significant operational difficulties at their Newark, Denver, and Chicago hubs.


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'Disgruntled' Passenger Faces Law Enforcement After Making Bomb Threat in Las Vegas Airport

The man claimed there was a bomb on his luggage, which was on board a JetBlue flight he had missed.

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American Airlines Plane Catches Fire Due to Bird Strike: 'The Engine Started Making Real Loud Noises'

Video of the engine fire was captured on a passenger's cellphone.

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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Went Missing 9-Years-Ago With No Answers. Now Netflix Is Taking on the Mystery in 'The Plane That Disappeared'

Despite various search efforts and investigations, there are few leads to explain what really happened.

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'I Do Not Need This Stress': Travelers Livid As Thousands of Flights In And Out of Texas Canceled Amid Winter Storms

A winter storm warning remains in effect for parts of Texas until early Thursday morning.

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6 Secret Tools for Flying First Class (Without Paying Full Price)

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