How Restaurant365 CEO Tony Smith Uses Data to Make Better Decisions

On this episode of "Restaurant Influencers," Tony Smith, CEO of Restaurant365, explains using software to steer decision-making, the value of in-person events, and how to avoid burnout.

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Sara Finnegan of Edley's Restaurant Group Shares the Key Ingredient for Restaurant Success

Edley's Restaurant Group's Chief of Staff Sara Finnegan discusses the power of giving back, the value of user-generated content, and her passion for advocating for women in the hospitality industry.

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Zack Oates of Ovation on Building Business Connections through Digital Storytelling

Interview with Ovation's Zack Oates about real-time guest feedback, creating loyalty through relationships, and digital storytelling that connects.

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Panda Express Will Pay 'Hundreds of Thousands' of Customers in Class Action Lawsuit Over This Common Sneaky Practice — See If You're Owed, Too

The U.S. restaurant chain allegedly used a tactic that's proliferating in the restaurant industry and beyond.

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Gregg Majewski of Craveworthy Brands on the Advantages of Being #2

Interview with founder CEO of Craveworthy Brands Gregg Majewski about the power of being second, prioritizing hospitality, and the ongoing need for human service workers.

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Elizabeth Chambers of BIRD Bakery on How to Expand in Business with Authenticity

Interview with BIRD Bakery founder Elizabeth Chambers about expanding internationally, social media storytelling, and embracing hospitality in every moment.

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Jon Taffer of Bar Rescue on Succeeding in the Reaction Business

Interview with Bar Rescue Star and Executive Producer Jon Taffer about defeating self doubt, keeping authenticity intact, and being in the reaction business.

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Condado Tacos CMO Sara Kear on Creating a Strategic Digital Footprint

Interview with Condado Tacos' Chief Marketing Officer Sara Kear about how to use social media for business and being forced to pivot.

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Borekas Founder Uzi Wizman on Creating a Food Business from Social Media

Interview with Uzi Wizman, founder of Borekas and PSY Street Kitchen, about growing a brand from an Instagram Story and sharing culture with the world.

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Dirty Dough Founder Bennett Maxwell on Mental Fitness and Podcasting with Purpose

Interview with Dirty Dough Founder Bennett Maxwell about his inspirational mission, creating balanced social media content, and podcasting with purpose.

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'We Made the Wrong Decision': Payment Processor Reverses Hidden Fee After Outrage From Customers, Restaurant Owners

Toast Inc. revealed the news in an email to customers on Wednesday.

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Pepper Lunch Team on Seizing Unique Opportunities for Global Growth

Interview with Pepper Lunch executive team Troy Hooper, Yuto Tago, and Sumio Matsumoto about Japanese hospitality and the "DIY Teppanyaki" brand story.

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These 15 Mom and Pop Restaurants Are the 'Hidden Gems' of American Cuisine

From green miso sea bass in an Adobe house built in 1756 to the best pancakes in Arizona, these local restaurants are must-taste stops.