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Want Success? Define Your Company Values

Whether you're creating a new company or refreshing a business, make it a practice to assess your company's core values and traditions.

Nathan Miller

Kale Was a Garnish Before This Creative Genius Made It Famous. Here's How She Did It — and What She's Planning Next.

Oberon Sinclair, "Queen of Kale" and founder of creative agency My Young Auntie, can teach anyone a thing or two about turning passion into success.

Amanda Breen

Telling Your Brand Story Is Crucial. 4 Steps To Ensure That It Resonates.

Your founding story is important, but the way you share it can make -- or break -- the image of your company. Here are four ways to ensure it translates in a way that resonates.

How to Choose a Strong Business Name and Amplify Your Brand

Many businesses make the mistake of choosing names that do nothing to amplify their brand. Don't be one of them.

Alex Skryl

How to Ensure Authenticity in Marketing and Build a Loyal Audience

The bar on doing business has been raised. Speak consistently and authentically and you'll earn your customers' trust - and likely, more of their business.

Chip House

Here's How to Conduct Better Lead Generation Experiments

Steps you can take to increase results for your business and keep it growing consistently.

Timothy Carter

3 Questions to Answer Before Investing More Into Your Marketing Budget

Before you increase your marketing spend using the same old tactics and channels, dive a little deeper to make the most of your investment.

John Boitnott

The Man Behind the Viral Horse Drawing Meme Talks Advertising

How a drawing for an art school turned into a Game of Thrones viral meme.

How This Ad Agency Got the Attention of An Entire Nation

The Blank Edition campaign has become part of the Lebanese zeitgeist.

How To Get and Retain Control of Your Brand By Selling Online

Losing control is a nightmare for brand leaders, but there are ways to gain that control back and keep it for good.

David Wright