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Growth Strategies

A Leap Of Faith: What It Takes To Be A Female Entrepreneur In A Male-Dominated Industry

Believe in yourself, and don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something because of your gender.

Women Entrepreneur?

Shattering The Glass Ceiling: 30 Blunt Quotes From Former Meta COO Sheryl Sandberg

Technology leader. Philanthropist. Author. These are just some of the epithets that Sheryl Sandberg is known by.

Women Entrepreneur?

Collaboration: The Fuel Driving The UAE's Diverse, Sustainable, Ever-Ambitious Future

"Collaboration, cooperation, and connection are at the heart of the UAE's remarkable story."


3 Ways Women Founders Can Leverage Their Value on Women's Equality Day — and Beyond

Women founders lead in different ways than their male counterparts and data is showing how beneficial that is. This article covers three things for women entrepreneurs to keep in mind throughout their journey.


What Is Women's Equality Day? Here's What It Represents and Why It Matters

Women's Equality Day serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggle for gender equality and women's rights. It is crucial to address issues like caregiving leave, sexual harassment and gender biases to achieve true equality.

Growing a Business

People Underestimated Her 'Sweet' Idea, and She Took Advantage of It — All the Way to $125 Million in Annual Sales and a $360 Million Exit

Tara Bosch faced certain challenges as the young woman founder of SmartSweets. Her next venture, Bold Beginnings, is all about making it easier for the women who come next.

Women Entrepreneur?

Unlocking Rakul Preet Singh: Investor, Entrepreneur And Actor

Actor and entrepreneur Rakul Preet Singh has always openly said that a lot of her choices in life are driven by the three Fs- films, food and fitness.

Business Culture

Why Have More Women in Tech? Top 4 Reasons Backed By Research.

By embracing gender diversity, the tech industry can tap into the full potential of its workforce and create a more inclusive and prosperous future.

Women Entrepreneur?

Doing It All: Lily Kandalaft, Founder Of Malaak Mama And Baby Care

How Lily Kandalaft built Dubai-based maternity and childcare agency Malaak Mama and Baby Care while nursing her first child and while keeping a corporate job.


Yes, Hollywood is Staged — Here are 5 Reputation Strategies I Learned While Working with Celebrities

In my 15 years of work in the public relations industry, I've come across my share of celebrity crises and have had to learn to navigate, manage and mitigate them.

Starting a Business

She's The First Bangladeshi Woman to Work On Wall Street. This Is The Mindset Shift She Made to Convince Skeptics to Invest In Her Longshot Mission.

As every entrepreneur knows, getting others to believe is the first major hurdle. Durreen Shahnaz, founder of the world's first social impact stock exchange, shares her hardwon insights on selling unconventional ideas.

Growing a Business

3 Ways Female Entrepreneurs Can Shatter Stereotypes While Also Empowering Others

Women entrepreneurs are constantly battling bias and stereotypes. Here's how they can rise above the noise and empower others.

Growing a Business

Want to Get the Credit You Deserve for Your Work? Do This, Says Bozoma Saint John — Who Ran Marketing for Netflix, Apple and Uber

You probably can't name many chief marketing officers, even if they worked for high profile companies. Bozoma Saint John says that making herself "well-known" was an intentional strategy, and it's one that you shouldn't be shy to try.


How to Run a $259 Million Business While Raising Kids: 'You Go Through a Period, Like, 'Is Everything Gonna Be Okay?''

Jen Lemcke is the CEO of WeedMan, and she wants you to take a deep breath and give yourself some grace.

Women Entrepreneur?

The Conqueror: 4 Businesses That Priyanka Chopra Has, And Then A Few More.

While Chopra is associated with various brands, today on her 41st birthday we list out four businesses she is heavily involved in.